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TV diagnostics

TV diagnostics of piping system is a piping survey from the inside and assessment of its state using the most modern robotized equipment. Defects of pipes are evaluated by using a laser beam. The report of the inspection together with digital coloured pictures, graphic scheme of the piping line, percentage and vertical profile diagrams, and visual material in a DVD as well as a hard print of the report protocol is presented.

The work is performed following the construction regulation STR 2.07.01:2003 Water supply and wastewater removal plant. Building engineering systems. Field engineering", approved by Order No. 390 of the Minister of Environment dated 21 July 2003 (Official Gazette, No. 83-3804, 2003);

Main conditions of TV diagnostics:

1. Access to manholes.

2. The piping inspected must be flushed and without elbows greater than 35° of bend.

3. In active routes there must be a possibility to plug up a pipe.

4. Before the start of work, LLC Edrija must obtain a written request for the work performance with place and date, and technical characteristics of the work must be indicated: sketch of the piping, number of the project or layout picture, diameters of the piping, lengths, numbers of manholes.

5. Facilitation for LLC Edrija TV diagnostic equipment to access to the territory of the customer's objects and persons to be assigned to take part during the work, and to help as necessary.