The company's operations are certified and quality controlled by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, environmental protection and occupational safety and health management systems, OHSAS 18001 standards.

Communication networks

  • Installation of intercity and interstation communication optical cables;
  • Installation of telecommunication distribution networks and main systems;
  • Installation and testing of cable TV and LAN networks;
  • Reconstruction of telecommunication networks;
  • Laying of electrical cable lines;
  • Preparatory building works for installation of electrical cable lines.
  • Laying and renovation of signal networks;
  • Installation of video surveillance and security alarm systems.


The state-of-art techniques applying trenchless technologies are used for installation of communication lines.

Technologies used:

To blow fibre optic cables into high-pressure HDPE tubes, we use the latest blowing equipment. Seeking high quality of installation of fibre optic lines the company uses the world-known the newest welding devices FSM-50S of the Japanese firm FUJIKURA, which enable welding of single-mode fibres faster than 15 seconds with low light suppression.

For measuring of the parameters of fibre optic cables the company uses CMA-4500 Optical Reflectometers made by the US company GN METTEST featuring especially high technical performance as well as single-mode and multiple mode fibre power meters. Testing of LAN network is conducted using LANTEC (USA) tester testing 5, 6 and 7 category LAN network.