The company's operations are certified and quality controlled by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, environmental protection and occupational safety and health management systems, OHSAS 18001 standards.

About us


  Established in 1994, a specialized construction limited liability company (LLC) "Edrija" designs, installs, renovates internal and external engineering networks and communications, designs and installs communications, video surveillance and alarm systems, performs general and special construction works. Since 2005, when the company established the geodesic unit, extended the designing unit and acquired modern devices of control assessment, construction projects have been performed starting from the most effective selection of the work to the acceptance of a building as suitable to use.

The business strategy of LLC "Edrija" focuses on the development of the market that is search for and takeover new markets, and strengthening its current market position. Competition induces interest in innovations, immediate addressing the issues of work quality, consistent investment in personnel, modern technologies and techniques, development and search for the ways how to maintain leadership in the market.

Since 1999, LLC "Edrija" has been performing construction and renovation works of communications by applying the trenchless technology; it is one of the main directions of "Edrija" development. Nowadays, this technology is the most modern and advanced with the help of which new pipelines are laid and old, worn-out pipelines beneath the road surface, rails, and natural obstacles are being renovated.

"Edrija" forms its team with preference to experienced, initiative and motivated candidates.

With the enginery and technological equipment which currently is more than 250 operated, the company is able to implement complex and large projects as well as to offer customers more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions of construction.

The company's operations are certified and controlled according to the standards of the quality, ISO 9001, environment, ISO 14001, and occupational safety and health management, OHSAS 18001.

Developing its business based on the most advanced work methods and green technologies, LLC "Edrija" is trying to contribute to the well-being of the country's population and environmental protection.